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Sideclick Adapter Clip Set for 2021-2022 Apple TV 4K

Sideclick Adapter Clip Set for 2021-2022 Apple TV 4K

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This is the Adapter Clip for the 2021-2022 Apple TV 4K with the Silver Remote.  Sideclick remote NOT INCLUDED.

This Sideclick Adapter Clip connects the 2021-2022 Apple TV Silver Apple TV remote to the Sideclick Universal Remote. It has a built in pocket for the Apple AirTag and is shipped with a removable plug to fill the pocket if you choose not to install the AirTag.

*Apple TV Remote Not Included
*Apple AirTag Not Included

This is NOT compatible with the Black Apple TV 4K remote. See Additional listings for more information

Sideclick Gen 2-3 Adapter Clip
Sideclick Gen 4 Adapter Clip

If you do not already have a Sideclick universal remote attachment, you will need to select the Sideclick Starter kit for Apple TV Gen 4 which includes the Sideclick universal remote and adapter clip.
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