About us

Sideclick Remotes, from True Bloom LLC,  was invented and designed by mechanical engineer, Brett Epstein. Brett has always had a passion for product design and has over 12 years of engineering design experience ranging from consumer products to jet engines. Brett is a designer, fabricator, and family man. Together with his wife, Jenn,  True Bloom LLC's vision is to create cool products that people want to use.

Sideclick came about once our family became cordcutters.  We loved streaming using our new Roku device but were frustrated that we needed to juggle multiple remotes.  Brett sketched and 3D printed a prototype for Sideclick.  The design was met with such enthusiasm by friends and family, that we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to gauge demand. 

2,651 Backers brought Sideclick to life.  For their support and encouragement along the way, we are extremely grateful.

Brett and Jenn Epstein                                

For company news and to follow along with our manufacturing progress, check out our BLOG.