Sideclick. A brief history

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Sideclick. A brief history

Sideclick came to be after our family became cordcutters.  We loved our new Roku device but hated that we needed to juggle multiple remotes to control the TV and the streaming device.  We needed an all-in-one solution.  Brett got to work and 3D modeled the first versions of Sideclick.  He 3D printed them on his personal machine and the took them to the garage where he made sure each matched the finish and feel of their corresponding streaming remote's hardware.

It's been an amazing journey.  We first launched on Kickstarter in April 2015.  We had a wonderful response from Backers and a lot of Media coverage, but we fell short of our $150,000 goal and went unfunded.  But we took feedback from our backers and changed our design to a modular system.  We relaunched on Kickstarter in July with our new design and funding goal and were successfully funded.  We raised $108,000 with the help of 2,651 Backers. 

Since then, we have been working harder than we've ever worked in our lives to make this product a reality.  After a few whirlwind months that included a trip to China to oversee manufacturing and participation in the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas, we are set to deliver our products to our Backers in late April.
We are so grateful for the support of our friends and family who have encouraged us in this journey.  And we are incredibly grateful for our Kickstarter Backers.  Thank you for your patience with our manufacturing delays and your supportive and kind words when we had to give you updates that described the challenges we faced in the process.  We are so excited to be about 60 days to delivering a product we know you will love!